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Event Management

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One of the factors affecting the business development process of companies is holding the conferences and seminars or participating in the specialized exhibitions. The importance of holding these events is to identifying the issues and as a result, providing some solutions to meet them. In addition, they cause a direct interaction between the main audiences of an organization with its staff, and so it is known as one of the key and effective marketing activities in the companies.

Accordingly, the way of performing these kinds of activities is high importance and establishes the position of an organization in the minds of its visitors. In addition, the subsequent use of the data collected during these events and monitoring the received data for taking more advantage will be new issues of many companies. Thus, if there is not enough planning and experience in holding these, it will certainly cause the dissatisfaction of the clients and waste the spent costs.

SOTER is proud of being with you from the beginning to the end of the event by providing advice for using the desired services with utilizing experienced and efficient teams as well as identifying the active executives in this field. Some of the services provided by marketing and sales consulting group, SOTER, are as follow:

  • Consultation and planning in holding the conferences and seminars
  • Performing the registration works for allocating the exhibition space in each of specialized exhibitions
  • Estimating the costs of implementing the plans
  • Training the members/personnel of the team holding the event in the company place
  • Providing a professional team of holding the events outside the company temporarily (if requested by the employer)
  • Coordinate the implementation of plans
  • Preparing and presenting the information forms of clients
  • Preparing and presenting a plan for following the requests of clients in order to further achieving the goals set by the managers of a company Etc.