Sales increasing is the most important factor in the organization development. As we know, today sales is not easy as before. These days we experience a competitive market and it makes the sales more difficult. So, we need to introduce ourselves more than before and remind our product and services to the customers, frequently.

Market research is a part of marketing that is researching about needs of customers, competitors, opportunities and market changes. Results of the cost-benefit analysis of most companies show well that outsourcing the marketing research activities are more effective than the presence of marketing research unit within the company.

Advertisement has many benefits for companies whether startup or experienced, because this is the first step to influence the audience' minds. No one will blindly choose a product or service without any positive history. So, holding the advertising campaign is exactly the means by which you can create this positive experience and in this way, you will soon witness a significant increase while introducing your business.

Today one of the main requirements to participate in the Iran oil and gas projects is the evaluation and verification by the employers and ultimately registration in the related vendor list. SOTER, as a marketing consultant, has the possibility to provide all kinds of consulting services for registering your company in the vendor lists of ministry of petroleum's afflicated companies.

One of the factors affecting the business development process of companies is holding the conferences and seminars or participating in the specialized exhibitions. The importance of holding these events is to identifying the issues and as a result, providing some solutions to meet them. In addition, they cause a direct interaction between the main audiences of an organization with its staff, and so it is known as one of the key and effective marketing activities in the companies.

Due to the increasing development of the Internet and increased tendency of people toward using the digital content for quick and easy access to the required information and services, having a website is necessary for any company. Your website can be your biggest and most powerful advertising tool for introducing capabilities, services and products that you present. Having a specialized and professional website, you provide updated information, marketing and international introduction and give ...

Soter Marketing Co.

Marketing and sale group, SOTER, relying on the knowledge and over a decade experience of its employees in oil, gas, refining and petrochemical industry, is now ready to provide all kinds of marketing and sale services to active units in this industry, from manufacturers and suppliers to contractors and ultimately employers and beneficiaries.

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