About Us

Marketing and sale group, SOTER, relying on the knowledge and over two decades experience of its employees in different industries, is now ready to provide all kinds of marketing and sale services to active units in less known industries, from manufacturers and suppliers to contractors and ultimately employers and beneficiaries.

Why Soter?

Given the extent of Iran’s market, companies that want an effective and continuous presence must carry out marketing and sales activities in accordance with market potential and culture.

This entails great expenses to establish office and hiring personnel. Employers are forced to recruit experienced staff with high work experience in the industry, in addition to the high initial demands of them, keeping them will also have great costs because of the data sensitivity. In order to cover this gap, SOTER aims to provide marketing and sale services to the applicant companies in the form of distinct and specified packages and through bringing an expert and experienced group together requested field.

SOTER values

Respecting the rights of customers

Bring experienced people together

Taking advantage of specialized and up-to-dated knowledge

Presenting high quality services considering less price


Customers club and customers’ loyalty programs of IQS Academy

Management skills certificate of TUV Academy Institute

Professional sales certificate of TUV Academy and Industrial Management Institute

Marketing scientific qualification certificate of “Scientific Marketing Society of Iran”

Branding certificate of BrandsTech Academy

Our customers:

Some companies which have used the marketing and sales services of SOTER group: